All aluminum plate processing center ◆High quality, automatic design, automatic layout, automatic program loading, without manual intervention.
◆Fast speed and high efficiency, with an idle speed of up to 70 meters per minute.
◆Adopting the Italian Ouli 9KW air-cooled high-power automatic tool changing spindle, it works stably for a long time.
◆The tabletop is an internationally leading high-strength, vacuum adsorption tabletop with high adsorption force, which can strongly adsorb materials of different areas.
◆Intelligent protection of workbench: to prevent possible damage to the workbench caused by misoperation or software errors.
◆The Taiwan Precision Control System automatically completes multi-level 3D processing.
YMC-Linear Tool Change Machining Center 668TK/668T/668/YM468J High-speed automatic edge banding machine Fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine Technology as the core, quality as the core, and cost-effective as the key link Molded door production line Perfect functions, automatic laser coding, back hole, back slot, automatic copy, and transfer the line to the processing center,
It saves time, labor and materials, and bans traditional CAD draftsmen, order splitters, and material corkscrews. It only takes 8 minutes to enter the size design and split the order. Automatically optimize the layout to maximize material utilization

Yiming CNC

 Jinan Yiming CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D and production of woodworking machining centers, five-axis machining centers, CNC woodworking engraving machines, mold modeling processing centers, CNC laser engraving machines, plasma cutting machines and other high-tech CNC products, which are rarely available in China One of the professional non-metallic CNC machinery companies with free R&D capabilities, has now become a well-known company in the domestic CNC machinery industry, and the company's full range of products have passed CE, ISO9001 certification.

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